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& Calf Ranches

Dairies & Calf Ranches

Dairy and calf ranches are a unique portion of the livestock industry.  From milk production to beef and veal, we understand how closely related these entities are with one another; oftentimes falling under the same roof.  

Frequently Used Documents

Programs to Consider

Tags & Traceability

All IMI Global value-added programs require an individual, electronic identification (known as Program Compliant Tags (PCTs)), but we also believe that no matter how or where you are marketing your cattle, the basis to any added value starts with an electronic ID. We can work with you to customize your tags to meet your exact needs - from special colors, to unique management numbers or including your ranch name or brand - we can make it happen.

Breed Verified

The IMI Global Breed Verified program and breed verification partnerships allow producers to verify that their cattle are a certain breed.  Breed Verified can be added to the Source & Age Verification (SAV) program at no (or minimal) cost - SAV is the minimum requirement for Breed Verified. 

Source & Age

Source and Age verification (SAV) requires you to keep records of your first and last calf board date, as well as apply an EID tag prior to cattle ever leaving your ranch - their source of origin.  

Source only - US Verified Source verification - is available as well.  The below USA EID tag is a source-only option through IMI Global.

Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)

The NHTC program allows your cattle to be eligible for buyers looking for non-hormone treated cattle, many of which are looking to export beef to the EU.  

Implants or fed hormone growth promotants (HGPs) of any kind are not allowed.  Cattle must move through approved locations.

Examples include implants, Lutalyse, CIDRs, Optaflexx, MGA. 

Verified Natural Beef

"Natural" is something we see in the marketplace, but it is not a set Standard across the board.  The IMI Global Verified Natural Beef Standard allows buyers to be assured that cattle have never received any Beta-Agonists, Ionophores, Antibiotics or Animal By-Products.

Cattle must move through approved VNB locations.


CARE Certified

Where Food Comes From CARE Certified is a suite of sustainability standards that certifies participating farmers and ranchers are implementing best practices in animal care, environmental stewardship and supporting their local communities and the people within them. 


Beef, pork, poultry, dairy and fish are all available.


Verified Grassfed

The Verified Grass-fed program is an approved USDA Process Verified claim.  


Cattle approved for this standard must be on diets solely derived from forage and cattle must move through approved VGF locations.


LCB Enrolled

Low Carbon Beef selected IMI Global as a third-party verification company to verify practices for the new LCB Enrolled program.

Cattle producers who are interested in having their calves certified as LCB Enrolled are required to be CARE Certified approved.


More Program Options through WFCF Divisions

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On-Farm Animal Welfare Audits

​High Quality Beef (HQB) Quota for NHTC feeders

Submit Application

Feed, birthdates, etc.

IMI Global will assign a Customer Verification Specialist to your ranch. They will go over your application and have you submit records and documentation for them to review prior to your on-site audit.

On-Site Audit

Annual audit, avg 3-5 hours

Once your CVS has reviewed your application and documentation, they will assign one of our regional auditors to visit your ranch. They will then submit their report to your CVS.


CVS has final approval

Your CVS will review the auditors report.  The CVS will have final approval of your ranch. 

Any questions you have may be directed to your CVS.


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