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Poultry & Egg Programs

Pork and Egg Verification Programs

The poultry industry is certainly not new to auditing and verification systems.  With an array of production styles, from vertically integrated indoor housing systems to free-range pasture settings and many combinations in-between, chicken, turkey and egg producers alike all are seeking ways to tell their story to consumers and meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.  Luckily, we can help!



United Egg Producers Program Certification

National Chicken Council Audits

National Turkey Federation Audits

On-Farm Animal Welfare Audits



No Added Hormones

No Antibiotics


American Humane™

Non-GMO Project

USDA Organic

On-Farm Security

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Worker Care

Safe Quality Food

More Program Options through WFCF Divisions


Validus, a div. of Where Food Comes From, Inc.

IMI Global and Validus Verification Services are both subsidiaries of Where Food Comes From, Inc.!  Because of this, we can easily bundle any of the services that these companies offer into one audit.

Contact us to learn more!

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Submit Application

Feed, birthdates, etc.

IMI Global will assign a Customer Verification Specialist to your ranch. They will go over your application and have you submit records and documentation for them to review prior to your on-site audit.

On-Site Audit

Annual audit, avg 3-5 hours

Once your CVS has reviewed your application and documentation, they will assign one of our regional auditors to visit your ranch. They will then submit their report to your CVS.


CVS has final approval

Your CVS will review the auditors report.  The CVS will have final approval of your ranch. 

Any questions you have may be directed to your CVS.


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