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Tag Lookup System

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What is Beef Passport?

Beef Passport uses a confidential, third-party, private industry database to contain all information captured related to cattle.   Feedyards and packers are able to use the EID tag lookup system to verify cattle are meeting specific third-party verification programs.  At the core of these programs is source and age verification, Beef Passport can also be used to sign up for source and age verification online.

For source verification, we must know an animal’s birthplace, which is most often done by utilizing an Electronic Identification (EID) tag. Age can also be added to your Source verification program, which is done through records review. Additional verification programs can be added on to your U.S. Verified Source program.  View your options here!

This system meets ADT requirements and is an easy tie-in with voluntary verification programs.  It maintains and ensures export verification compliance.

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