Frequently Used Documents

Frequently Used Documents for Beef Operations

Cow/Calf Programs

This document will give a description of all IMI Global programs and service offerings.

Source & Age Enrollment Application

The Source and Age Verification application is only for producers enrolling an individual calving group. This is a phone audit process, which does not require an onsite audit.
Click here to download the Superior Livestock Auction SAV enrollment form.
Click here to download the Western Video Market SAV enrollment form.

Ranch Application

This application is the first step in the verification process for cow/calf ranches wanting to enroll in SAV, Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC), Verified Natural Beef (VNB), CARE or Verified Grassfed programs.

Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) Feed Letter

Producers enrolled in the NHTC and Verified Natural programs must obtain a signed feed letter of guarantee from the manufacturer of all commercial feed products being used on their operation. This feed letter template may be used to meet this program requirement.

Shipping Program Checklist

Shipping cattle soon? Use this checklist to help you remember what's required for your program cattle.

Ranch Manual

Producers enrolled in SAV, NHTC, VNB, CARE programs must have an updated ranch manual on hand for your onsite verification. Please contact us if you'd like this mailed to you.

Shipping Certificate

Instead of completing a separate document when you ship your approved cattle from the ranch, now you can write the shipping information directly on the Ranch Shipping Certificate, which is issued when your calving group is approved.

Order EID tags

Use this Tag Order form for ordering EID tags of any kind for program or non-program cattle. You may submit this to your CVS, or call our office directly to order.

Tag Inventory Report

The tag inventory report is to be completed by all customers who have purchased EID tags in order to confirm how many tags were used, and the inventory of leftover tags.

EID Tagging Instructions

An overview of the EID tag and instructions on how to appropriately apply it to cattle can be found here.

Calving Group Enrollment Form

The Calving Group Enrollment form can be used to get a calf crop approved prior to the next scheduled onsite audit.


Please contact our Feedlot Customer Verification Specialists at 303.895.3002 for Right-to-Ship documentation when shipping to a packer.


Download this BeefCARE flier for general information.