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IMI Global
Black Angus Verified Beef

What is Black Angus Verified Beef?

Black Angus Verified Beef, exclusively offered by IMI Global, is a genetic verification program that ensures Black Angus cattle are, at a minimum, from 50% Black Angus genetics.  Whether you are a Black Angus producer, a feedyard or a packer, the need to verify that your cattle are legitimately Black Angus is at an all time high.  

​The Black Angus Verified Beef program is here to benefit you!


“It’s time for the consumer demand around Black Angus genetics to go back directly to the Black Angus producers who have worked hard to keep their genetics legitimate.  
​This program will allow producers to reap the rewards they’ve always deserved.” 

John Saunders, CEO

What Benefits From Black Angus Verified Beef?


Black Angus Producers

Black Angus producers have worked hard to keep their genetics legitimate, and it's time those producers reap the financial benefits!  Black Angus producers that obtain the Black Angus Verified Beef status will be able to prove to cattle buyers that what they say they are selling is authentic.

“We have been marketing our cattle with Superior Livestock for the past 15-plus years and partnered with IMI Global for the last several years.  By enrolling in IMI Global's verification programs, including the new Black Angus Verified Beef program, we have been able to market our calves at a premium compared to non-program cattle.  It was exciting to be the first lot to sell under the Black Angus Verified Beef program, and we appreciate the opportunity," said Corey Traxler of Traxler Ranch in Akron, Colo.


Feedyards will now be able to verify, and back verify, that the cattle they are purchasing are, at a minimum, from 50% Black Angus genetics.  

Is a producer telling you their cattle are 50% Black Angus, even though they aren't black hided?  

Does a packer require proof that the cattle you're sending are, at a minimum, 50% Black Angus genetics if they aren't black hided?   No problem!  We've got you covered!

Butcher Hanging Beef

Packers & Brands 

From a risk mitigation standpoint, the Black Angus Verified Beef program is a no brainer!  You'll be able to strengthen your Black Angus programs by being able to confidently say that your beef is not just black hided, but also meets a requirement of being from at least 50% Black Angus genetics.  


Do you have specific customers that require Black Angus cattle? This program will ensure that the cattle you are receiving are legitimately Black Angus.

Learn more on Breed Verified


​Consumers no longer trust where their food come from, and the Black Angus Verified Beef program is hoping to help change that. If a consumer believes they're purchasing beef that comes from the Black Angus breed, then it's important that we are able to verify that.


By utilizing the Black Angus Verified Beef genetic verification program, you are able to help the consumer gain trust in their product.

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